You’ll stay with me?’
Until the very  e n d.'

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hogwarts is my home

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THE POTTER GENERATION | A Harry Potter Challenge

Favorite Hallow

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 Newt’s masterpiece has been an approved textbook at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ever since its publication and must take a substantial amount of credit for our students’ consistently high results in Care of Magical Creatures examinations — yet it is not a book to be confined to the classroom. No wizarding household is complete without a copy of Fantastic Beasts, well thumbed by the generations who have riffled its pages in search of the best way to rid the lawn of Horklumps, interpret the mournful cries of the Augurey, or cure their pet Puffskein of drinking out of the toilet.

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such a beautiful place, to be with friends.

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  • jk rowling’s reasoning as to why fenrir greyback turned remus into a werewolf: remus’s father insulted him so he did it as an act of revenge

  • the actual reason greyback bit remus: the temptation to succumb to the fact that biting remus whose name literally means ‘werewolf mcwerewolf’ would be the greatest feat in lycanthropic irony the world had ever seen
  • it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

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    i  s o l e m n l y  s w e a r  t h a t  i  a m  u p  t o  n o  g o o d

                                                                 p ǝ ƃ ɐ u ɐ ɯ  ɟ ǝ ı ɥ ɔ s ı ɯ

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